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No matter what your profession or business, strong branding and professional imagery have become a key marketing strategy as most of the marketing and networking we do is done on-line.  This is where professional images play a key role. The way you market your business or brand and the types of images you use will invariably affect how people perceive you and your business. Present them with the right image and it will positively affect their decision to trust you and invest in you. As the saying goes a picture is worth 1000 words. This is even more true in todays world of social media and  the swipe and click generation. You only have a few seconds to engage and so you need to make sure that the images  you use to market your business are not only engaging but  also saying what you want them to say about you, your business and your brand.


Photographer Nik Epifanidis

Nik is a Melbourne based photographer working in both the commercial and corporate sectors. With a desire to create innovative visual solutions for clients Nik's photographic style is fluid and adaptable to a range of business objectives. Nik's passion is working creatively to give form, feel and context to every project and he achieves this with a stylish and thoughtful sensibility. Having carved out a niche in interiors and architecture photography, Nik's keen design aesthetic and attention to detail is now being applied to Lifestyle, portraiture and corporate projects.

If someone where to ask me what I do , I would say that I help people communicate and market their businesses through specific and eye-catching imagery. I create visual solutions for businesses by creating specific and considered images that help them stand out from their competition. My images also try to capture the emotion that your product or service brings to your clients. Potential clients are always looking for emotional value when making decisions around who they engage and do business with.

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