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My Approach to Interior & Exterior Architecture Photography

Interiors Exteriors Architecture has always been a passion for me ever since I started taking photo’s many years ago. I have always had a great appreciation of well-considered Interior Design and Architecture.

Having worked along side an Interior Designer for a number of years I was privy to the many processes and the thinking behind many design decisions.  I think this helped me to develop an eye for Design and Architecture which is one of the reasons that led me to pursuing Interiors Exteriors Architecture photography in Melbourne.

As a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, I approach Interiors and Architecture photography  in much the same way as a designer. That is to try and extract some semblance of form from the random elements to create something aesthetically pleasing but also something that represents the client’s vision. A challenging prospect at times but something that always needs to be front of mind when photographing a project.

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Interior and Exterior Architecture Photography Melbourne

Interior Design and Architectural projects are not created overnight. The process can be long and frustrating and is subject to many considerations.  Creativity sometimes has to be sacrificed in favour of practicality, budget and client requests.

At the end of the day, the finished project stands as a testament to this long but satisfying process.  You need to engage a photographer that understands the process as much as the final vision if you are going to capture the essence of your project.

I have that understanding along with a good dose of aesthetic and experience.

Nik Epifanidis

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