Food Photographer Melbourne

My Approach to Food Photography

Nik Epifanidis is a professional freelance Melbourne Food Photographer who is also happy to service other parts of Australia by request. Nik works both from a professional studio as well as on location delivering professional food photography for cafes, restaurants and bars as well as shooting food product photography if requested..

They say you eat with your eyes first. In today’s food blogging Instagram age there are millions of images of colourful well styled and plated food. What makes your food photography unique is not so much the food on the plate or how well it is styled but the story around it.

As a professional food photographer I can help you create a visual story that speaks about you, your personality and how you want to express your food business.

My approach to food photography is not just to showcase the food on its own but to try and reveal a little about the creators of it, the place, the decor and the patrons who collectively make your food business unique. As a food photographer that understands hospitality I will work with you to create images that will be representative of your business and tell your personal story

Food Photographer, Why use Nik Epifanidis

Nik understands the business of food and hospitality and what is required to create strong, eye- catching food photography that will help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace.

I always make sure my clients are satisfied with the final result before I call it a day on any shoot and will not compromise my professional standard of work. I am happy when my client is happy.

The Process Of Organising A Food Photography Shoot

Generally speaking the logistics of organising a food photography shoot are quite straight forward. On premises is often the best option whereby the food can be made fresh or upon request ready to be photographed in any given setup. A table in the corner that can be styled and enough room to set up lighting if need be will generally suffice.

You don’t want plates of food sitting idle for long periods of time waiting to be photographed. Freshness and presentation are everything so the photography needs to be coordinated with the kitchen and ready to shoot as soon as the dish is prepared.

Shooting on premises also provides the opportunity to capture images of the interior, staff, décor and all the other elements that create your food photography story.



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