Corporate Business Photographer Melbourne

In today’s competitive online climate you only have a few seconds to impress, so having a unique professional business headshot is essential. Your client is looking for a trustworthy, approachable and professional individual. A professional business or corporate headshot sends a clear message that you are serious about  your business and how you want to be seen .

Nik has the skills and the experience to confidently provide you with the the best professional headshots and corporate photography services in Melbourne.


With an estimated 500 million members it’s no secret that LinkedIn is the place you want to market yourself and your business on. Every connection you make reflects an average of 400 new people you can get introduced to and build a relationship with.

There is no better way to create a positive impression than a professional headshot. You may be the most qualified and have the most accomplishments, but it is really important that you draw the right attention. An unflattering image of yourself or one taken with little care will invariably send the wrong message.


For those  looking for a  headshot/portrait of themselves for a wide variety of use. Clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists,  actors, small business owners and even those just wanting a stand out image for personal use.

I am always happy to discuss your individual requirements over the phone m: 0403278516 or you can contact me by filling out the enquiry form below or directly at and I will be more than happy to follow up with you.

Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne

Nik Epifanidis is a professional freelance Portrait and Lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne, but also working for clients in Sydney and Brisbane. Nik works both from a professional portrait studio in St Kilda Melbourne but is also happy to travel to any location for any Portrait or Lifestyle photography assignments.

I feel that the satisfaction I get from photographing people in their environments or simply against a blank backdrop has provided me with a new focus and direction.
Aside from choosing the right setting or location, to me, the most important aspect is to try and create a sense of intimacy no matter how little time I have with the subject. Professional portrait and lifestyle photography is about getting close and approaching people the right way.

No matter if it is actor headshots, couples, family or childrens portraits my approach is the same. A little anecdote, a joke or a friendly conversation with my subject is usually enough to break the ice and to get them to relax.

Photographing people and getting the right lifestyle or portrait shots is always a collaborative process, and the more someone feels part of the process the more invested they are in helping to create amazing images.

Interiors Photographer Melbourne

I have always had a great appreciation of well-considered Interior Design and Architecture. Having worked along side Interior Designers for a number of years I was privy to the many processes and the thinking behind many design decisions.  I think this helped me to develop an eye for Design and Architecture.

Interior Design and Architectural projects are not created overnight. The process can be long and frustrating and is subject to many considerations.  Creativity sometimes has to be sacrificed in favour of practicality, budget and client requests. At the end of the day, the finished project stands as a testament to this long but satisfying process.  You need to engage a photographer that understands the process as much as the final vision if you are going to capture the essence of your project.

I have that understanding along with a good dose of aesthetic and experience.

Nik Epifanidis

Food Photographer Melbourne

Nik Epifanidis is a professional freelance Melbourne Food Photographer who is also happy to service other parts of Australia by request. Nik works both from a professional studio as well as on location delivering professional food photography for cafes, restaurants and bars as well as shooting food product photography if requested..

They say you eat with your eyes first. In today’s food blogging Instagram age there are millions of images of colourful well styled and plated food. What makes your food photography unique is not so much the food on the plate or how well it is styled but the story around it.

As a professional food photographer I can help you create a visual story that speaks about you, your personality and how you want to express your food business.

My approach to food photography is not just to showcase the food on its own but to try and reveal a little about the creators of it, the place, the decor and the patrons who collectively make your food business unique. As a food photographer that understands hospitality I will work with you to create images that will be representative of your business and tell your personal story


As every brief is different costs will vary depending on the level of service required. For on-location photography there is a minimum fee of $385 which includes the call out and set-up fee. Generally speaking  most jobs will be quoted around a half day rate and a full day rate depending on the level of service required. Hourly rates can apply with a minimum of 2 hours.

Half day rate $850 ex gst , Full Day Rate $1580 ext


  • Additional Retouching ( Beauty etc ) – $115/hr
  • File recovery , reprocessing , re-sizing etc
  • Extra Travel costs may apply if there is extensive travel required for on-location shoots.
  • Parking fees for on-location photography

For an exact estimate please feel free to contact me directly on 0403278516  or by filling out the contact form below.

Why use Nik Epifanidis

I understand people and I know my craft. I stand by my work and my professionalism. I will work with you to create strong eye catching images that help you stand out in a competitive market place. Working with clients for me is a collaborative process and I  make sure all my clients are happy and satisfied with the work  before I walk out the door.

As the photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt once said: “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter“.  I use this as my motto and believe that establishing a good rapport with my clients is essential in producing the desired outcome. This for me is the essential ingredient in creating the highest quality images that tell your story.

Nik Epifanidis

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3. Once our photo shoot has been completed, your stunning images are ready in 3-5 working days and you will be provided with a download link for access.



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