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Things to keep in mind when searching for the Best Photographer in Melbourne

Regardless of the service we always want to find the best people for the job. Finding the best photographer for your project can seem like a daunting task especially if you have never used one before. With a bit of research and the right strategy, you should be able to find the best photographer for your project.

Remember to follow some basic rules, and you should be able to find the best photographers in Melbourne that have the right skills for your job.

1: Do your research

The value of doing research is that you can check as many photographers as you like and rule out those you think are not suitable. Check their websites and social media accounts to get an idea of the work they do and their style. Ask colleagues for referrals or even ask some of their previous clients for their opinions. It is unfortunate that in these times there are a lot of people running around with cameras calling themselves professional. This is one of the reasons why the AIPP ( Australian Institute of Professional Photographers ) created a database of all their accredited professional photographers. You can go straight to the AIPP website and search for Pro. At least here you will be sure to find a photographer whose status has been formally validated and recognised by a professional body. See links below

Like most professions, there are specialists within the profession, and this is also very true of most professional photographers. Generally, you will find the best photographers in Melbourne will have an area that they specialise in and where they have gained most of their experience. This might be wedding photography or portraiture, interiors, product etc. When searching for a photographer for a particular project you need to keep this in mind. There is no point finding a wedding photographer and asking them to shoot some product for you. They may be willing to do it, but this should raise some questions about how experienced they are in this area. I’m not saying there aren’t photographers out there that are well versed in a lot of different genres but the photographer who is willing to do anything at the lowest price is usually a red flag.

2: Ask the right questions

Once you have found someone that you think you are happy with, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

How long have they been in business? Check that they are the full-time professional photographer and not just a hobbyist. The difference is usually chalk and cheese. Also, don’t sell yourself short by basing your decision on the cheapest price. Would you go to a trainee doctor???.

Who are their clients? Ask if it is ok to contact one of their existing clients to get some feedback. If they have a good solid client base, they won’t mind.

Do they belong to any professional organisations like the AIPP ?. This is a good indicator to see if you are working with a professional who is bound by a professional code of practice.

Do they have Professional Liability Insurance? This is a question most people don’t even consider. Most Professional photographers will have some form of liability insurance especially if it requires them to work in public places or on clients sites etc. If you hire a photographer to work at your place of work and they or their equipment cause an accident, who will be responsible ???

3: Be prepared and be specific about what you need

Although many photographers may have different fees based on the type of work they do and their level of professionalism there are some basic questions that any should be able to answer quickly.

How do you charge ?? Is it by the hour, half day rate or full day rate? How fixed or flexible are these rates? Do these rates include any post production/editing/retouching work and will you require any?

A good starting point is to consider how many final images you would like to end up with. A seasoned pro will have a pretty good idea of how much time the job will take based on how many final images you will require. It’s no good saying as many as I can get in two hours for $500. You are not paying a photographer for quantity but the quality which takes time to produce and is also dependent on the type of photography. Be wary of a photographer who says he’ll give you all the images on a USB stick.

4: Meet the Photographer

Once you have decided on a photographer that you’d like to work with then set up a meeting so you can see if they are someone you will be happy to work with and also have the right attitude for your project. If you find that there is a personality clash or that they are unwilling to listen to your ideas etc. then find someone else. Like any service, you have to find someone that understands your needs and makes you feel confident about the outcome.

5: Check fees and delivery time

Part of getting the right photographer is having someone that delivers on time is clear about their fees and deliverables and understands any budgetary constraints that you may have. These are things that should be discussed and agreed to before you start any job. If you like the Photographer and the work that they do but feel that their fees are too expensive, then don’t be afraid to ask them how they might be able to work within your budget. Sometimes its as simple as just reducing the scope of work and remember, always go for quality over quantity.

If you have a project that you’d like to discuss feel free to contact me HERE. I’m always happy to have a chat.

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